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Local Ministries

MMDC is just one of many organizations and ministries located in the greater Springfield area. If you are planning a trip to MMDC in the near future, take some time to check out some of these other service opportunities nearby.


Asbury Children’s Supper Hour

Location: Asbury United Methodist Church – 1229 South Grand Avenue East – Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: 217-522-8147


Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach

Location: 4930 LaVerna Road – Springfield, IL 62707

Phone: 217-525-8843

Website: www.mission-outreach.org


Kumler Outreach Ministries

Location: 303 N. Grand Ave. – Springfield, IL 62702

Phone: 217-523-2269

Website: www.KumlerMinistries.org


Laketown Ministries

Location: 2617 Stevenson Drive. – Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: 217-679-5006

Website: www.laketownministries@umcwoodside.org


St. John’s Breadline

Location: 430 North 5th Street – Springfield, IL 62702

Phone: 217-528-6098

Website: www.cc.dio.org/area_offices/springfield/home.htm


Washington Street Mission

Location: 408 North Fourth Street – Springfield, IL 62702

Phone: 217 -544-9011

Website: www.wsmission.org