midwest mission sunday

September 18th

You and your church are relevant to God's Great Commission. Midwest Mission helps people in their times of crisis, but we also use our mission to revitalize congregations through service. We have easy opportunities to show God's love in a practical way and get people involved who may or may not know Jesus personally. 

That's why we invite you to participate in Midwest Mission Sunday on September 18th, 2022. This is a great opportunity for you and your congregation to learn about our hands-on activities and how to implement them right where you are. Midwest Mission Sunday is a way to revitalize your congregations through getting them excited about serving and making a difference around the world and around the corner. We will give you all of the resources and information that you will need for the day.

How this works:

  1. Download the promotional materials and resources that you want to use. You can find them at the bottom of this page.
  2. Check out the provided timeline to know when you should use what material.
  3. Participate in Midwest Mission Sunday. Use our videos, print materials, and presentations to talk to your congregation about what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus right where they are. You will be able to talk about what Midwest Mission does, and how you as a church can get involved. Our goal is for your church members to leave with a revitalized passion for the Church and service. 
  4. Let us know if you are participating. We would love to see photos, watch livestreams, and hear stories of your Midwest Mission Sunday.
  5. BONUS: Do a 1 minute mission. This could be as easy as making sandwiches for the homeless on an assembly line as people leave service. There are ideas and tips on the bottom of this page.

Questions: contact Mallory Webster, Communications Manager at mallory@midwestmission.org or 217-457-4600

Watch this video to learn more about why we have Midwest Mission Sunday:


Midwest Mission Sunday Timeline

  • Hang up the provided flyers
  • show the 1 minute video or use our prepared PowerPoint slide in pre-service

Promotional Material

Use these resources for your Midwest Mission Sunday service. 

For questions or assistance, contact Mallory Webster, Communications Manager at mallory@midwestmission.org or 217-457-4600

  • Download the flyer here.

    Put these flyers up around your church or community to spread the word about the upcoming Midwest Mission Sunday.

  • Download the one page insert here.

    Download the two page bulletin with kits and projects here.

    Use one of these on Midwest Mission Sunday.

  • Presentation slide for August 28th - download here

    Presentation slide for September 4th - download here

    Presentation slide for September 11th - download here

    Full-length presentation for Midwest Mission Sunday - download here

    Summer 2022 Impact presentation for Midwest Mission Sunday - download here

    (You can use whichever slides you would like, or make your own!)

  • 1 minute video - here

    3 minute video - here

    15 minute video - here

  • Download the Summer Impact report here.

One Minute Mission - ideas and tips

One-minute Missions are quick and easy ways to get people involved in service. Even at "one-minute", a great impact can be made when the entire congregation comes together to serve.

After the service, you can create an assembly line or set up a table that will allow your members to participate in a service opportunity on the way out of church. The idea is that everyone makes one of something, that will take about one minute. It gives them a taste of the joy that comes from service, and is a tangible reminder of how easy it is to show God's love in practical ways. If your congregation likes it, you could make it into a full event later in the year!

Here are a few ideas:
  • Rice Meal Line - every person puts together one Rice Meal in an assembly line - contact us for more info
  • Rubber-band together 6 pencils - each Student Kit needs 6 unsharpened pencils rubber-banded together. You could collect the pencils and rubber bands, and then assemble them after service
  • Homeless Kits - put together your own kits. Collect supplies that might be necessary for the homeless, put them together after service, and then have designated groups hand them out or give them to a local homeless shelter
  • Cards - have each person write a card to nursing homes, deployed soldiers, local teachers, etc.
  • After school snack bags - put together snacks for a local after school program through an assembly line

Here are a few tips:

  • Do something that is easy and simple (and can be done in about a minute!)
  • Explain the concept of "one-minute missions" and the impact this one minute will make
  • The activity should be geared toward your congregation. You know them best! Choose an activity that will use their strengths and skills.
  • If a one-minute mission seems overwhelming, start with a collection. Collect an item that could be given to a local organization or  Midwest Mission. At the end of service, have your congregation pray over the collected items on their way out of service.