Virtual missions

Welcome into this space.  That might seem like a weird way to start a virtual mission, but we know well that bring present in a space is about more than physical location.  By volunteering to contribute to this program, you have agreed to be present with us in God's mission field on earth.  There are many ways to participate in God's mission through us.  Whether you are packing student kits to help bring kids the joy and power or learning, making rice packs to provide nourishment to those in need, or packing our personal dignity kits that provide needed relief to people in bad situations, you are helping!  All of these projects contribute to our mission to transform the resources of God's people into humanitarian relief.  You are living out a life of loving service.  Thank you!

This program will seek to make your work as easy and efficient as possible.  As you go through this project, please pay close attention to instructions.  There is a reason that everything is designed the way it is.  Generosity is a great thing, but please only pack the things that are on the lists (the things we were told that are needed) instead of what you want to give.  We do not want to make situations more stressful by creating inequality through what we give out.  For this same reason, we encourage quality over quantity, as we want every recipient to receive the same gift.  Additionally, with the scale we are working with, logistics are an important consideration.  If you were provided with specific boxes, please use those.  If you were not provided with specific boxes, then please, to the best of your ability, use boxes that the average person could easily carry.  Also, please sign your kits with your group's name and address.  This will allow us to let you know where the kits you've packed or other supplies you've prepared were sent to.  

The most important part is to soak everything in prayer.  We are sending vital goods to people who need them, but we are also sending gifts that show God's love.  Remember to meditate on who is receiving the kits or other projects you are working on.  And pray that God both helps the recipient to receive the peace that comes with knowing that one is loved by God, as well as that God helps you to feel the joy of God's love connecting you to the people you are here to help.

Thank you!  The need is great, and it is only through the help of you and those like you that we at MMDC are able to provide aid on the scale that we currently can.  Your work today has potential to touch hundreds of lives by providing aid they would not otherwise receive  That is what it looks like to live out loving service.  Thank you!

chantel corrie

Executive Director


barb Hedinger

Mission Volunteer Coordinator


ramon ortiz

Operations Specialist


Cindy Chase

Business Manager


Sarah Frazee

Inventory Specialist


Pat Wright

Reservation Coordinator


Brad Walton

Shipping & Receiving