What volunteers are saying

We love hearing the experiences and feedback we get from volunteers who come to Midwest Mission and think it reflects the amazing mission work that we do here every day! It always warms our hearts to know that not only are we helping families in need, but those volunteering are having an amazing experience as well!

Volunteer Feedback

"Everyone should experience the tour, and the gracious staff and co-volunteers."

Midwest Mission "develops great community spirit for our church."

"They are the most organized group I've ever worked for."

"Feels like a Bible Church Camp for adults."

"For anyone - there is a job."

"This is truly a blessed experience. I now have a new respect for world-wide missions."

"The dorm /gathering room / kitchen lends to a retreat atmosphere and continuation of the spiritual growth of the week."  

We have compiled volunteer feedback from over the years to read more click below.

2010-2015 Experiences