Meet Tim Hurie of Petersburg, IL. He has served at Midwest Mission for three years, bringing students of the Your Obedient Servant Mission Camp to Midwest Mission.

I volunteer at Midwest Mission because:

"this is a world-wide ministry that is making a difference for Jesus. That I can bring young people to Midwest Mission and have them activate their faith is powerful. The hope is that those young folks, after serving, will activate their faith and outreach in their home churches making a difference in the world by being the hands and feet of Jesus."

My Favorite thing to do at Midwest Mission is:

"talking and interacting with the staff at Midwest efficient and difference-making ministry for Jesus that has a world-wide impact. Thank you Midwest Mission for your efforts."

Thank you, Tim and the Your Obedient Servant Mission Camp group, for your service to Midwest Mission!

Darlene powell

Meet Darlene Powell of Springfield, IL. She has served at Midwest Mission for six years and volunteers as her schedule allows. She attends Springfield FUMC in Springfield, IL.

I volunteer at the Midwest Mission because:

"it is a nice break from the trivial day-to-day things that get in the way of appreciating what really matters … it is humbling to be a part of something bigger than you and know that what you're doing touches lives in ways you will never know in a place where it makes all the difference to someone you will never meet".

My favorite thing to o at Midwest Mission is:

"whatever is needed. I love being here and don't mind any task, regardless of how big or small, because it all matters".

Watch her video testament, here.

Thank you, Darlene, for your service to Midwest Mission!

Rev. Beth Galbreath

Meet Rev. Beth Galbreath from Brookfield, IL. She and husband, Pastor Jim, were first timers on the Midwest Mission campus this week. This is not, however, Beth's first time volunteering for Midwest Mission. She has served three other times from home making 2700 masks during Covid. She plans to sew every afternoon from patterns at our website and wants to create a group. She also hopes to be back on campus at least once a year.

I volunteer at Midwest Mission because:

"In addition to giving money, we vow to serve - especially we, who are UMC deacons. And we have skills to share (in my case, sewing). My family, and the new church plant, Compassion, that we're trying to launch - 'pinch above our weight.' As we are all called to do - Christ doesn't just multiply bread and fish, but ..."

My Favorite thing to do at Midwest Mission is:

"So far I've assembled Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs), UMCOR hygiene kits, and Midwest Mission Student Kits...all favorites!"

P.S. - "Years ago, when we first heard of Midwest Mission, our church made Student Kits all one summer. I festooned rope across the narthex of Princeton (IL) UMC and challenged those who sew to sew bags. Every week I hung the bags that came in, with paper clips, to the rope - we filled the narthex with bags and in late summer, filled them during Sunday School."

Thank you, Beth and Jim, for your service to Midwest Mission!

Brilee knight

Meet Brilee Knight, a Volunteer from Salem UMC Evansville, IN. She originally came to get hours for school but has since "learned how fun and impactful it is to help people outside of your own community."

Her favorite thing to make as you can tell from her background are the Home Care Kits because "they are fun to make, they smell good and they are helpful to the entire world."

Watch her video testament.

Thank you, Brilee and the Salem team for your service to Midwest Mission!

Sydnie Billings

Meet Sydnie Billings. She recently served at Midwest Mission for the first time, along with her youth group - CORE Youth Group/Laingsburg UMC in Laingsburg, MI

I volunteer at Midwest Mission because:

"My youth group and I were making donations of hygiene supplies. We decided we wanted to try and help in any way we could. I want to make someone's life easier. I don't want to go my whole life knowing I could've helped but didn't. I want to make a difference in someone's life no matter how small it may seem. One small act can inspire many more (people) to do more."

My Favorite thing to do at Midwest Mission is:

"... to help make the Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs). I get to know that what I am doing is going to make someone's life easier. I get to make someone's day. I get to help someone who really needs it. I don't like just sitting around and doing nothing. Making PDKs is taking action and making a difference."

Thank you, Sydnie and your youth group, for showing God's love in a practical way through your work at Midwest Mission!

Robert and Sandi Jester

Meet Robert and Sandi Jester. They were on campus this week representing Batesville United Methodist Church, Batesville, IN. This is their fourth year to serve.

We volunteer at Midwest Mission because:

"Midwest Mission offers a great opportunity to do hands-on work that then helps others throughout the world. It's easy to see how our efforts are directly helping others. It's fun to do this with other volunteers and meet people from other states - everyone has a story. The organization is run by friendly, caring, well-organized people who are mission focused and channeling God's work."

My Favorite thing to do at Midwest Mission is:

"We have had the opportunity to do many tasks; building school desks, putting together Birthing Kits, Student Kits and Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs), and we filled buckets for Home Care Kits. We have also spent a lot of time organizing donations and verifying kits for accuracy. All were enjoyable, but the opportunity to move around and take part in different tasks as needed keeps it interesting."

Thank you, Robert and Sandi, for your service to Midwest Mission!